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All software tools developed in the OmniSearch project can be downloaded here. [Executable]  [Source] 

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1. J. Huang, F. Gutierrez, H. Strachan, D. Dou, W. Huang, B. Smith, J.A. Blake, K. Eilbeck, D.A. Natale, Y. Lin, B. Wu, N. de Silva, X. Wang, Z. Liu, G. Borchert, M. Tan, and A. Ruttenberg, €œOmniSearch: A semantic search system based on the Ontology for MIcroRNA Target (OMIT) for microRNA-target gene interaction data, (in press) Journal of Biomedical Semantics, April 2016.
2. J. Huang, J. Dang, G. Borchert, K. Eilbeck, H. Zhang, M. Xiong, W. Jiang, H. Wu, J.A. Blake, D.A. Natale, and M. Tan, OMIT: Dynamic, Semi-Automated Ontology Development for the microRNA Domain, PLOS ONE, 9(7): 1-16, e100855, July 2014 (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100855).