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The OmniSearch project consists of researchers from numerous institutions: School of Computing at University of South Alabama; Mitchell Cancer Institute at University of South Alabama; College of Arts and Science at University of South Alabama; Computer and Information Science Department at University of Oregon; The Jackson Laboratory; University of Utah School of Medicine; and Georgetown University Medical Center.

Additionally, the OmniSearch project has established extensive collaborations with numerous biomedical and biological ontology/knowledgebase groups such as Gene Ontology(GO)[1], Sequence Ontology (SO)[2],PRotein Ontology (PRO)[3], Universal Protein Resource (UniProt)[4], and Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies (NEMO)[5], by working with respective PIs or Project Team Leads.

   Dr. Jingshan Huang[6]
     Associate Professor
     School of Computing
     University of South Alabama
   Dr. Ming Tan[7]
     Associate Professor of Oncologic Sciences
     Mitchell Cancer Institute
     University of South Alabama
   Dr. Dejing Dou[8]
     Associate Professor
     Computer and Information Sciences
     University of Oregon
   Dr. Darren Natale[9]
     Team Lead, PRotein Ontology (PRO)
     Research Assistant Professor
     Georgetown University Medical Center
   Dr. Judith A. Blake[10]
     PI, Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium
     The Jackson Laboratory
   Dr. Karen Eilbeck[11]
     PI, Sequence Ontology (SO)
     Associate Professor
     University of Utah School of Medicine