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The OmniSearch project consists of researchers from numerous institutions: School of Computing at University of South Alabama; Mitchell Cancer Institute at University of South Alabama; College of Arts and Science at University of South Alabama; Computer and Information Science Department at University of Oregon; The Jackson Laboratory; University of Utah School of Medicine; and Georgetown University Medical Center.
Additionally, the OmniSearch project has established extensive collaborations with numerous biomedical and biological ontology/knowledgebase groups such as Gene Ontology(GO), Sequence Ontology (SO),PRotein Ontology (PRO), Universal Protein Resource (UniProt), and Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies (NEMO), by working with respective PIs or Project Team Leads. 

    Dr. Jingshan Huang 
     Associate Professor
     School of Computing
     University of South Alabama
   Dr. Ming Tan 
     Associate Professor of Oncologic Sciences
     Mitchell Cancer Institute
     University of South Alabama
   Dr. Dejing Dou 
     Computer and Information Sciences
     University of Oregon
   Dr. Darren Natale 
     Team Lead, PRotein Ontology (PRO)
     Research Assistant Professor
     Georgetown University Medical Center
   Dr. Judith A. Blake 
     PI, Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium
     The Jackson Laboratory
   Dr. Karen Eilbeck 
     PI, Sequence Ontology (SO)
     Associate Professor
     University of Utah School of Medicine